Week 1: Intros

And just like that, the first week of projects and stuff is over. It’s pretty amazing how fast everything in CS3216 moves. After the first lecture, we immediately started forming groups and brainstorming for ideas.

And on Saturday, after the workshop, we started seriously working on our project: setting up our collaborative dev environments, hashing out what tools we’re going to use, and begin banging out our project.

It really reminds me of a hackathon, except one that lasts a lot longer, and with much stricter requirements. The hackathons I’ve been to all look for something cool, and kind-maybe-sorta works (even if it’s just for a demo). But here, we’re actually thinking about proper schemas and design patterns and user experience, all in the pursuit of a highly-polished end-product.

And that’s how I find myself here, trying to learn React in a hurry, while others are trying to pick up Express on NodeJS and yet another is trying to work the FB Graph API. So that’s cool.

Published: August 13 2016

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