Jaedye is now Focust

So yeah. Bjorn didn’t want us to use the name Jaedye. He mentioned last week that our feature set(which we had narrowed down for marketing and feasibility reasons) had diverged so much from what he had intended that our app was no longer useful to him. Thanks.

It’s incredibly annoying, that he’d suddenly relinquish ownership of the product completely. I mean, in a way I had been anticipating this and had been encouraging my teammates to take more ownership of the product (making more design decisions, deciding on things without having to run everything through Bjorn). So it’s not too bad.

But yeah, we have to rebrand at pretty short notice. Which sucks. An afternoon of brainstorming lead to the name Focust, pronounced “Focused”. This also let us buy interesting domain names like focust.online and focust.training, so we can use vanity domain names like get.focust.online. Fun stuff.

Deciding on that means that we can also finalize our assets and marketing campaign. First up is the logo, to be designed by yours truly.

It was originally supposed to be a crosshair: First icon but I figured that it carried a little too much negative connotation, so I tried to stylize it as a triangular crosshair Second icon But it was still a little weird. At Chi Thanh’s suggestion, I took a few design cues from this app icon: Prisma logo

And finally came up with the following: Focust icon

We also came up with our tagline, “Stay Focused, Train your Mind”. The name font is a modified version of Nasalization (again, edited in photoshop by yours truly), and the tagline is Montserrat. It’s on a Green 500 background, which is also the primary colour in our app. Focust icon with tagline "Stay Focused, Train your Mind"

Fancy, eh?

Published: November 20 2016

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